Fundación Tripartita

Animation 3D Advanced


In the course biped animation characters will be addressed to provide them with life. From stand poses to complete movement of the body anatomy of the character in different obstacles for the including facial animation scene.

Learn to create complex animation equeletos and nest them into 3D character meshes. We will create whole riggearemos characters and animation for different exercises.

The theory and practice FK and IK and IK Spine, squash & stretch in creating characters, shapekeys and drivers, creating UI animation and animated icons.


The intensive course is designed for current 3D artists and animators who want to learn from solid way all the procedure of pipeline building rigging, skinning and animation Characters for animation and video games. Knowledge is advanced and requires the student knows the principles of animation and has basic knowledge of animation.

After completing the course

Will you be able to plan and Rigger all kinds of characters. You can also create animation loops for video games and create character animation scenes with all his acting 3D scenes animated series. You possess control of character creation pipeline to be able to apply in any 3D program and know the best solution for every challenge.


    Advanced 3D Animation
  • Character Animation basics revisited
  • Video references & sketching basics for animators
  • Follow Through & Overlapping actions Revisited
  • Character Walking (bottom)
  • Character Walking (whole body)
  • Character Walking weighting & Variations
  • Character Running
  • Character Jump & Stances
  • Character forces & weighting
  • Character fights
  • Parkour Scene
  • Character Rigging foundation
  • Rigging FK
  • Rigging IK
  • Rigging Spine IK
  • Skinning to model
  • Face Setup
  • Face Rig UI
  • shapekeys & setDriven Keys
  • Rigify & Preset rigs human character.
  • Preparing the Rig for Animators & RigTesting
  • Animation Export

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