Fundación Tripartita

3D Modeling Advanced


In the course of thematic advanced 3D modeling modeling NextGen professionals are covered.

From preparing basic mesh sculpture and sculpture to multilayer texturing, retopología, clothing and creating natural environments. We especializaremos in advanced topology hardsurface with sculpted. Also we convert topological model sculpture in low resolution maps for baking and we will correct display or render game engines.


The intensive course is designed for current graphic designers with knowledge modeling 3d modeling or professionals who want to expand or update their knowledge and create NextGen models for games or high resolution models.

After completing the course

You will have the most advanced knowledge of modeling and multi-textured. You can fotorealísticamente recreate any environment or object and export it to game engines. You control the topology of any surface and can make decisions about which method to use in each modeling aspect.

    Basic 3D Modeling agenda 30 hours
  • Introduction to sculpture
  • Brushes 3D sculpture
  • mesh topology and checkeo before sculpting
  • Control sublevels sculpted
  • Basic Sculpture
  • Sculpture Hard surface
  • Creating details with sculpture
  • Introduction to 3D Painting
  • 3D Painting Advanced
  • Retopología
  • Advanced Texturing
  • Baking maps and reconstruction lowpoly
  • Render advanced and photorealistic
  • Export meshes and textures
  • Creation of basic natural environments
  • Creation of advanced natural environments
  • Clothing
  • Creation of Reel

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