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This course aims to provide a theoretical and practical features of the Android operating system from the standpoint of the developer, used in a wide range of mobile devices. They will release all the tools available to a developer for Android applications.
The intensive course is designed for current developers from other platforms who want to quickly enter the market development for Android tips and best practices to meet this new platform.
After completing the course

The wizard will take a generic view of how the Android operating system, internal architecture, and elements of Android how business and future prospects. Have knowledge of the building blocks of the operating system itself, such as applications that are developed on Android.
Also acquire the skills to develop applications on the Android system, maintain existing ones, mastering a set of best practices when developing and publishing Android Android Market applications for use or sale

    Temary of Android 2.2. Platform
  • 1 Introduction to N.A. Android   
  • 2 First draft: Hello world!   
  • 3 Android SDK - Eclipse and JDK   
  • 4 The TDA and the APK file   
  • 5 Emulators   
  • 6 The Views and ViewGroups   
  • 7 The use of XML and AndroidManifest.xml   
  • 8 Adding sound and vibration  
  • Sizes and supports   
  • 10 Internationalization   
  • 11 Signed with APK and distribution   
  • 12 Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers and Widgets   
  • 13 Connecting to WebServices   
  • 14 Libraries Google APIs   
  • 15 Use of native code to NDK Android

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