Fundación Tripartita



This is the second level of the course of AngularJS, after learning the use of AngularJS in SPA applications, this course delve into its use for the design of large apps, focusing on the use of methods, guidelines and other advanced concepts.

The course is eminently practical and proper monitoring will require attendees have a good base of JavaScript and have developed some SPA
AngularJS application is recommended to have taken the courses.
JavaScript Programming advanced AngularJS


    PART I: Deepening AngularJS
  • $ watch
  • $ eval
  • apply
  • messages
  • new scopes
  • Properties
    • PART II: Architecture AngularJS
  • File structure
  • Apps Directives large
  • Best Practices: John Pope
  • minification
  • Compilation
  • Optimization
  • Advanced Directives
  • Advanced Concepts in creating policies
  • Development of a policy to Restfull
  • DirtyChecking vs Observable
  • Templates configurable
  • Routing Advanced
  • Advanced Forms: Advanced Concepts Forms
  • Navigation Safety and FrontEnd.
    • PART III: Unit Testing
      PART IV: Other advanced concepts
  • delegate
  • responseInterceptors
  • Data presentation with AngularJS
  • Update in Real Time
  • Improvements and integration components
  • Refactoring, test

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