Fundación Tripartita

3D Animation & Motion Graphics Initial


During the basic animation and the 12 principles of animation will be addressed. The student will learn from zero animation methodology attractive sight and creating their own rigs for animating objects and characters.

Learn to create and nest them equeletos animated 3D meshes, animation properties Object animation and textures. The methodology parents animation animation Disney and methodology of dynamic animation motion graphics.


The intensive course is designed for current 3D artists and animators or designers stopmotion who they want to acquire knowledge graphics animation to enliven their creations three-dimensional environments and create motion graphics. standard practices will be learned animation 3D animation studios and much emphasis is placed on control movement.

After completing the course

You'll be able to plan and bring life to initially static objects. You can create motion graphics to create gussets and very visual promotional videos. You will use without complex problem null scenarios and many animated objects on the timeline.

You'll know criticize and improve your animation to create very appealing visual results. You'll use the Flip the 12 principles of animation in every scene animes professionally. will have a 3D animation reel own very visual and motion graphics agencies to work on content and advertising.

    Initial 3D Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Introduction to 3D environment
  • Modeling Motion graphics basics
  • Timing & Spacing
  • Animation Curves
  • Nulls & scene preparation
  • Storyboarding
  • Rigging basics
  • Skinning basics
  • Rigging for Motion Graphics
  • Array
  • Particles
  • Character Animation basics
  • Follow Through & Overlapping actions
  • Camera & Directing
  • 12 principles of animation applied
  • Background & Screen Animations
  • Rendering & Multipass rendering
  • Audiovisual Post-production & Composition
  • Animation Export

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