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Apps Development Hybrids with Ionic, AngularJS, Apache Cordova and Firebase


Hybrid Applications: They generally consist of Apps that contains within the web browser of the device. Development frameworks for development based on web programming languages ??(HTML, CSS and JS) are used.

IonicFramework, is a tool for the development of hybrid applications based on HTML5, CSS and JS. It is built with Sass and optimized with AngularJS. It is intended to overcome the gap between native and web applications for major mobile platforms. Ionic AngularJS used in order to create a more appropriate framework to develop rich and robust applications. With a single command you can create, build, test and compile your application on any platform.

Apache Cordova is a free license framework that has many Apis various mobile devices to develop native applications within a smartphone. Increasingly is taking more emphasis on the world of programmers is that for the development of applications HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies are used. One of the great peculiarities of this work environment is the ability to develop for iOS, Android and other operating systems without the need to program in their native languages ??(Java, Objective-C, etc.)

Firebase specializes in storage and application synchronization platform that developers interested can find an optimal environment for creating apps using only collaboratively with front-end code (Javascript). With this new service online platform can build rich and powerful web applications in real time without having to worry about databases or servers, pemitiéndonos focus on the app and our users. Firebase works by synchronizing data between different applications our customers in just a few milliseconds.

AngularJS, or simply Angle, is a framework of open source JavaScript maintained by Google, which is used to create and maintain web applications from a single page. Its goal is to increase browser-based applications capable of Model View Controller (MVC), in an effort to make development and testing easier.


After this course you will be familiar with the concepts necessary for the development of hybrid applications using Ionic, AngularJS, Apache Cordova and Firebase. During the course they are reviewed from the user interface and hardware interaction to interaction with backend programs. You will be able to create their own applications for major mobile platforms.


  • 1. Ionic Introduction
  • 2. Dev Environment Setup
  • 3. Ionic CLI
  • 4. Project Types
  • 5. Ionic Creator
  • 6. Push Notifications Service
  • 7. Ionic View
  • 8. Ionic Components CSS
  • 9. Ionic Javascript Directives
  • 10. AngularJS Introduction
  • 11. The MVC pattern
  • 12. Dependency Injection
  • 13. Directives, Modules, Expressions, Controllers, Routing, Services, Model and Data Binding
  • 14. Templates
  • 15. App from scratch - the right way
  • 16. Navigation
  • 17. Handling large amount of data
  • 18. Reuse of Code in Ionic projects
  • 19. Firebase Introduction
  • 20. Firebase Data Structure
  • 21. Firebase and AngularFire
  • 22. 3-way Data Binding
  • 23. Ionic & amp; Firebase
  • 24. Against App Firebase
  • 25. Apache Cordova
  • 26. Sass
  • 27. Debug, Emulate, Test Run and releases

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