Fundación Tripartita

Development MEAN Fullstack (Mongo, Express, AngularJS, nodejs)


In recent years have become very fashionable technologies such as MongoDB, AngularJS and Node.js, which has made a new trend has emerged for building fast, robust and maintainable web applications using technologies MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js Using these four technologies together comprise the "MEAN stack" (MEAN = Mongo-Express-Angle-Node) whose common link using the same programming language (JavaScript), which is a great advantage for those who know Javascript, on the other hand it is not a very complex language. So with these four technologies have everything we need to develop web applications. Frontend, Backend and Database

After completing the course will learn how to use Javascript to develop different parts of a web application architecture MEAN.


  • Module 1: Introduction to the full development stack
  • .
  • Module 2: Designing an architecture MEAN
  • Module 3: Create and configure a project MEAN
  • Module 4: Build a static site with Node.js and Express
  • Module 5: Build a data model with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • Module 6: Writing an API: Exposing the basis of MongoDB data to the application
  • Module 7: Using the API from Express
  • Module 8: Adding a dynamic frontend with AngularJS
  • Module 9: Switching between pages without reloading
  • Module 10: Logging in with Facebook and / or Twitter

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