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Word, Excel, Access and  Power Point of  Microsoft are the most popular office tools and used in the workplace today. The domain of these programs allow you to expand your CV and career prospects.

Over the  course of office of  Enterprise Consulting & Training will learn to:

  • Perform administrative offices and businesses efficiently.
  • Improve and expand your knowledge to be an  office specialist.

Enterprise Consulting & Training is a centr supported by Microsoft in their Microsoft IT Academy program. This program certifies a comprehensive curriculum in line with real world career. All office programs of course are based on the Windows de Microsoft y eand its latest version, Windows Vista.


In addition, you can access the official Microsoft certification known as MCAS Certification (acronym in English Microsoft Certified Application Specialist). Ie: "Certified Application Specialist Microsoft."

Good understandig of the capabilities of Microsoft Office suite with the course of office of Enterprise Consulting&Training.










    Microsoft Office Word 2007 Professional
  • Introduction to Office 2007
  • Getting Started with Office
  • Other common elements
  • Word Basic
  • Around Word
  • Edit and save documents
  • Modes presentation & oacute;
  • Move & ccedil; ar
  • is the document
  • Modify the text.
  • Fonts. Check the text
  • Writing Tools
  • Format Paragraph (I)
  • Format Paragraph (II)
  • Printing Documents
  • Word Avanza
  • Styles and autoformat
  • Page Setup
  • Headings, notes feet
  • lists and diagrams
  • Columns and tables
  • Ref. Cross markers and
  • elements g & aggravate; Nos
  • Index
  • Documents teachers
  • Review and share documents
  • Adding Objects
  • Word and Internet
  • Other functions
    Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Professional
  • Basic Excel
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Workbooks
  • Data Entry
  • Edit a sheet
  • Organize and print sheets
  • Formulas
  • Working with functions
  • Format Cells
  • Format Cell (II)
  • Create graphics
  • Advanced Excel
  • Templates and calculations
  • your
  • Filters
  • Subtotals
  • Themes advanced graphics
  • Access to external data
  • Tables and Pivot Chart
  • Analysis of data and macros
  • Collaborate with others
  • Put data on the website
    Microsoft Office Professional Access 2007
  • Access Basic
  • Introduction
  • Working with Access
  • Database Design
  • Tables
  • Data Edition
  • Select data.
  • Spelling.
  • Customize tables
  • Queries
  • More queries
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Access Advanced
  • Calculate fields and Total
  • Form Design
  • Customize Form
  • Create expressions
  • OLE technology
  • Working with reports
  • Filters. Import and export
  • Macros and modules
  • The SQL language
  • Advanced SQL
  • Access and Internet
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Professional.
  • Around PowerPoint
  • Working with slides
  • design application
  • Add text and tables
  • Format and correction of text
  • Drawings and images
  • Other graphic objects
  • Notes, documents and printing
  • electronic presentations
  • Multimedia and Internet
  • Prepare presentation
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  • Introduction to Outlook
  • Contacts list
  • Mail Management
  • calendar
  • tasks, notes and journal
  • Share information
  • Merge documents

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