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web programming with PHP

You can create your own website!
Would you like to design web pages? With PHP you will become an expert in web designing.

This course of web application development. For this study the programming of client-side JavaScript and server side programming with PHP technology and MySQL database server. After completing the course, students will be able to develop complete e-commerce applications backed by databases.

Who and what this course has career?

This course web programming with PHP aimed at those who I like creating websites. PHP language will give you many possibilities when designing a website.

With the knowledge gained in this course can work as a programmer in companies, banks, offices ...

What you will learn in this course web programming with PHP?

    Module 1: Programming client

You will study language enabled to create scripts or scripts that are included on web pages that are executed by the browser used by the user.

Tasks and validation of the data sent by the user in a form can be carried out by the client-side programming.

  • 1. Programming Website
  • 2. Introduction to JavaScript
  • 3. Programming Fundamentals
  • 4. Objects in JavaScript
  • 5. The location and history objects
  • 6. The document object
  • 7. Form
  • 8. Other objects
    • Module 2: Programming Server: PHP

    You will study the technology of web application programming PHP 5, paying particular attention to the special features that have this type of application, the new object-oriented approach to application security and access databases.

  • 9. Installation
  • 10. Create a website
  • 11. Introduction to PHP
  • 12. arrays and control structures
  • 13. More arrays
  • 14. Functions
  • 15. Include files
  • 16. Object-Oriented Programming (I)
  • 17. Object-Oriented Programming (II)
  • 18. Inheritance
  • 19. Collect User Data (I)
  • 20. Collect User Data (II)
  • 21. Form validation
  • 22. Working with cookies
  • 23. Sessions in PHP
  • 24. Access to files
  • 25. Error handling
  • 26. Exceptions
  • 27. Databases
  • 28. The database example
  • 29. The SQL language
  • 30. Access to the database
  • 31. Looking more functionality
  • 32. User Authentication
  • 33. Websites insurance
  • 34. The process of buying (I)
  • 35. The purchase process (II)

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