Fundación Tripartita

Curso de informàtica Hadoop

Introductory Course Big Data with Hadoop

Big Data plays with the concepts of volume, variety and speed to establish a clear and orderly reading of a particular source all data. The ultimate goal is to be able to obtain results that benefit the interests of companies, to deepen the study of the market, the quality of their services, or polls the millions of tweets and messages sent via Network social.

The analysis of large data sets not only offers a huge commercial appeal to businesses, but can also help improve management processes and productivity and their competitiveness, sectors and even entire economies. Distribution companies and manufacturers are already using Big Data to improve the supply chain and accelerate the development of new products.

Agenda Hadoop Duration 30 h


PART I: Introduction to Big Data

  • 1 Big Data as an engine of evolution
  • 2 Architecture and Components
  • 3 Types of technologies
  • NoSQL Databases 4
  • 5 models of programming for Big Data

    PART II: Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

  • 6 Introduction Hadoop
  • 7 Components
  • Distributed File System 8
  • 9 Resource Manager
  • 10 Scheduler
  •         11 Cases of study
  • PART III: Development with basic Hadoop

  • 12 Setting an environment
  • 13 Creating and executing tasks Map / Reduce
  • 14 interface for multiple languages ??
  • PART IV: Development Hadoop high level

  • Interfaces 15 high-level consultation
  • 16 Based Programming pipes
  • 17 libraries algorithms
  • PART V: Hadoop Ecosystem projects

  • 18 Distributed Databases
  • 19 Communication with relational databases
  • 20 Alternatives to the algorithm Map / Reduce

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