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Subsidised training

By grants from the Fundación Tripartita para la Formación y empleo

Each company has available an annual amount for training. This amount depends on the amount paid by way of training during the previous year.

EnterpriseConsulting, as a company attached to FTFE, performed free of charge all the necessary steps for the formation of your company.

Can be supported both as courses in the training schedule tailored to one or more persons.

All companies have an annual amount available to be used to finance the formations that make the company until December 31. The annual amount is not cumulative for subsequent years.

¿How much I can recover?

The company may recover a maximum of 100% of the cost of training
The rates set are:

  • 13 euros / student / hour for advanced courses such as Windows 2003 Server, Visual Studio.Net, productivity advanced
  • 9 euros / student / hour for basic courses such as Word, Power Point, English ...


3 employees a company has allocated an annual sum of 450 euros.
Exchange Server Course price: 350 euros
Duration: 24 hours
The company pays $ 350, and recovered (24 hours x 13 euros = 312 euros).


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