Linguistic Services

Enterprise Consulting & Training offers a quality and diversified linguistic service to solve your company’s needs. Our professional team, made up by linguists and translators, can offer you these linguistic services:

We have a translator’s team that works with specialized texts in English, French, Catalan and Spanish. If you have a translation project requiring another language, do not doubt to contact us. In Enterprise Consulting & Training we can adapt to your needs.


We offer web and software localization. Since our company is specialized in mobile apps building and development, we can also offer videogame and apps localization services.

Proofreading services
We proofread the spelling and style of texts and translations to offer an optimal quality, and a textual and terminological consistency.

Text Content Creation
We create and write texts focused on communication, marketing and product promotion; as well as articles, press releases and other texts.

We transcript speeches, conferences, lectures, etc.

Language Consulting

We offer language consulting to solve the most frequent doubts and linguistic needs in your company.

Terminology Consulting
We adapt your text s terminological precision and we create translation memories and glossaries. We also offer other terminological products adapted to your projects or company needs.

Language and New Technologies Courses
We offer individual and in-company English, French, Catalan and Spanish courses, adapted to your needs and level. Our company also offers courses in the field of IT. If you require courses in this area, please check up our offer in the ‘Services’ section in this website.

Didactic Units
We create and program didactic units related to language learning and IT. Check our IT course offer to see how we can help you.

Moodle Implementation and Contents Creation
We implement the Moodle platform and integrate educational contents related with languages and IT.

We conduct SEM and SEO studies in order to optimize your web and its contents and get your website listed at the top position of the search engines.

Assisted Translation Applications and Other Linguistic Tools
We can build and develop assisted translation application and other linguistic tools. If you think your company needs a personalized platform in order to solve a linguistic need, please contact us.


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