Enterprise Questionnaire

General information

Enterprise Questionnaire

This is an online game that allows you to teach your employees the characteristics of the products, to test their knowledge and personal commitment to the company.

It is a creative, simple and fun way to enhance the motivation of your employees and reward them for it.

Questionnaire Enterprise platform is designed for you to customize content according to your needs.

The main idea behind this platform is a set of questions and answers about your products areas.


Public interface

Each user has a personal account, you can start or continue games in solo mode or multiplayer online, explore their individual statistics, accumulated points and observe the progress areas; There is also a chat to communicate with other players.

The ranking provides a comparative view of progress in relation to other players.

administrative interface

The platform administrator have full access to content and statistics.

The administrator can add, edit and delete questions and content so that the platform can be updated whenever necessary.

Overall the platform can be offered as SaaS or locally, in terms of security, the platform provides all the possible scenarios and guarantees the confidentiality of all data.


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