Outsourcing IT Support Contract

Contract IT support allowing you to maintain your system stability.

Enterprise Consulting & Training offers you IT support system in order to outsource your company IT Department and thus obtaining a professional IT team service with the advantages of reducing the costs and expenses of this department in your company.

  • Complete IT Support: All terminals and servers will be checked-up periodically by adjusting and installing the necessary official upgrades provided by software vendors and assuring their correct performance.
  • IT Security: As a main goal of the IT support, our team will run a comprehensive analysis to verify the security guidelines of the current system version in order to implement the necessary security policies for an optimal performance.

mantenimiento informatico

  • Personalized Technical Advice: You will permanently have our professional IT team experience to support you in any important decision related to IT investments in your company.
  • System policies: To obtain a stable IT maintenance, our team will create specific rules of operation for your terminals allowing users troubleshooting.
  • System Optimization: We will perform periodical system check-ups to verify, update and enhance system integration in order to obtain an optimal performance.
  • Remote IT Support: Our team also offers your company a remote IT service that allows us to solve real time troubleshooting with remote assistance while reducing response times.
  • Help desk: Our IT support includes a permanent hotline that will help you in case of mishap in your computer system.

Enterprise Consulting & Training offers comprehensive solutions in computer maintenance according to your company needs.


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